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I am a 1st gen Indian American, from the midwest and MADE in NYC. What does that even mean? 


When I moved into my apartment on Greenwich & Christopher St, my education in art, music, & free thinking began.  Don't get me wrong, I love my vibrant heritage, but I became whole when I paired it with the raw honesty of the urban experience.  

 Growing up, my mother was always naturally beautiful to me.  She washed her face with bar soap and put on a moisturizer and would go to work.  It seemed so fast and easy.  The only treatments I ever witnessed were turmeric, bright yellow masks, for glowing skin.  And, they looked so fun!  So, as I got older, I just assumed that I would find great fast fixes filled with natural ingredients to deal with my adulting skin - dark circles, random breakouts (monthly usually) and dry skin.


But, when I walked into a store to find what might work for me, my time, my face - I was completely confused.  Everything looked the same and promised similar things.  Nothing spoke to me.

Unlike most people that encounter this beauty product paralysis in front of the skincare shelves, I could actually do something about it.  I've worked in corporate beauty for 11 years and lived in non-stop NYC for 15 years...I had the unique skillset to personally walk in a lab and direct the development, ingredient selection, and evaluation of every product to ensure it was legit.

Graffiti Collective launched in 2018 with 4 face masks that are custom formulated by myself (over 200 lab visits and 15 months of development to prove it!). Every mask is vibrantly vegan, cruelty free, 100% recyclable and made in the USA. 

With Graffiti Collective, I hope to change the skincare conversation, break the sea of white creams and transform the routine into something you can get down with.  I hope it's something that brings out your natural glow, like my mother still has, and has a vibe that makes you want to use it on the regular and not feel guilty when you don't.

Thanks for reading :) Enjoy!

XO, Sheila