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Glowing, even skin starts with hydration

The root of most skincare concerns is an improper balance of moisture. At GC, we don’t outsource development. We get in the lab and select the plant-based & clean science goodies to enrich every formula we make with the right ingredients to treat and protect your skins essential moisture balance.

From face masks to facial oils, we curate skin balancing plant-based & clean science active ingredients to treat your skincare concerns AND keep feeding your skin with the essential nutrients to maintain it's healthy glow.

Our Founder's Roots

After turning 40, I left my corporate beauty career in brand & product development and finally had time for much needed skincare. After a year if searching, I found that so many clean beauty brands didn’t treat my major skin concerns effectively - uneven skin tone, dark spots, dark circles, and combination skin. So, I decided to think about clean beauty from my brown girl lens and utilize my experience to get to the root of what my skin and many others’ skin may need - the right level of hydration combined with tried & true ingredients to treat each & every skincare concern.

It’s always been my development philosophy to thoughtfully formulate with ingredients that clean & hydrate at the same time. So, when I created Graffiti Skincare, I made it my priority to get real with each lab I work with and collaborate to select the best ingredients to deliver real results in every formula. We work together to select high performance plant-based moisturizers like squalane, jojoba, olive oil, and zemea to ensure that even a pore cleaning clay mask would leave your skin clean, clear and hydrated. It’s now been 2 years since I started developing my first line of face masks and am so happy to have found my glow. Now it’s time to introduce it to all of you!  

PSA - We are working on a wonderfully hydrating ritual for daily cleansing, but decided to launch as we have each product ready because your skin deserves to glow, starting now.



The Graffiti Skincare Experience

We believe that the clean beauty experience starts when you hold our products in your hand, and lasts long after you see results.

In You Hand:


✰ Our Cartons - Every carton is designed & signed by up&coming urban artists. Our carton construction is made of 100% recyclable, heavy-weight corrugate material that will last beyond your face mask for easy reuse.

Kitsune - The Belgian street artist behind our 3oz masks carton design.

Morgan Winter & Kyle Stzosek - The NYC artists behind the mixtape carton design.


✰ Our Jars - We partner with small US manufactures to produce high quality, reusable packaging . Our jars are 100% recyclable and wash out completely clean for reuse. (PSA: Right now we use durable, 100% recyclable plastic, but we're on our way to switching to glass jars!)

On Your Face:

✰ The best that nature & clean science have to offer

We make no compromise on ingredient selection. When we formulate, it's never about "what's trending"  and always about tried & true ingredients that deliver real results.


✰ Rich, incredible textures with a calming scents.

We take our time, mix our formulas for 12 hours until they get rich, creamy and glide on smooth.

✰ Results after just 1 use.
The plant based and clean science exclusive blends of tried & true efficacious ingredients combined with a true understanding of how active levels deliver real results makes our formulas work after one use. 

we love to giveback

We know skincare is a luxury that is only met when your basic needs are met.

So, we dedicate a portion of our sales to help families & children find shelter, food, education and a safer community.

2020 Givebacks Include: Family Promise, True Colors United, Gotham Professional Arts Academy, ACLU, Protect Yo Heart