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Keeping it Real

Our work hard, play hard skincare solutions use

✰ real plant-based & safe science ingredients at the highest active levels possible

✰ real recyclable & reusable materials with as little plastic as possible

✰ real artists that design every package

✰ real talk, to explain how hard they work for you

From Our Founder

It was 2016, I had just turned 40 and left corp beauty after over a decade in the industry. I also found myself with a little more time to up my skincare game. After years of hard work, chasing my twin girls, and just hustling in general, life had taken it's toll on my skin. I found myself looking for something that worked hard, was gentle on my skin and brought my face back to a healthy glow. My year long search resulted in multi-step regimens (no thanks), skincare that was too harsh for my skin or  clean beauty lines that weren't formulated to deliver real results on my skin. It seemed I had to pick and choose among many brands to piece together some sort of skincare routine - and I don't have time for that. But, I had the unique ability to do something about it - I have spent most of my professional life making products! So, I got inspired by my favorite place on earth, NYC, the city that never sleeps, to make formulas that work hard, so you don't have to using a blend of ingredients I hand picked and tested on myself. My skin is in a healthy place and I just had to share these formulas with you too. Enjoy!

XO, Sheila

Make it Quality

Our masks are 100% vegan and EU-compliant, which means there are no parabens, phthalates or sulfates. We never test on animals: We test on ourselves for 30 rounds, and then pay the fees to make sure everything is allergy-tested,dermatologist-tested and safe for all skin types . We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to making products that will give you the best skin of your life.

Mask Me Now!

Recycle or Reuse. You Choose.

Did you know that our packaging is 100% recyclable? But, what we love most of our packaging is that is also all reusable too.  

Our beautiful boxes are made of heavy corrugate (think shipping box material) but we partner with artists to make them beautiful and hopefully last well beyond our masks. Our 3oz masks have our first wall painted by @kitsunejolene a fearless female artist in Belgium.  Check out more on this project and hear from the artist herself.

Our 3 oz and mini jars both wash completely clean so you can reuse them. 

A little tip:  The mini's are great to keep refilling for travel too!


For our founder, moving to New York City was like going from black and white to high-def color. The city that never sleeps breathed life into her in a way nothing ever had before.

Urban art and passionate artists fuel her inspiration. So at GC, we give back to the creative community by working with emerging artists to design each carton in the Graffiti Collective product line and teaching our next gen of creative leaders weekly at Gotham Professional Arts Academy in Brooklyn.

Check out why we love Gotham Professional Arts Academy

Check out our artists collabs:

* The Belgium Project with Kitsune Jolene

* Making the Mixtape with Morgan Winter & Kyle Szotek.