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Skincare Real Talk (Issue #4)

by Sheila Patel |

At Graffiti Skincare, we make vegan skincare that works hard so you don't have to. Graffiti Skincare is a not just a brand but a community that brings people together around a common goal of feelin’ good and learning about self-care from each other.

Our Skincare Real Talk series profiles real people (some side hustle as beauty influencers) that have been teaching me a thing or two (or 20) about skincare over the last year. They try a ton of products, have amazing skin and are passionate about spreading good skincare and self-care vibes out into the universe. 

Starting with this issue, we have dedicated our Real Talk Skincare Series to go beyond skin deep and share not only our selfcare stories but also, our real-life experiences to help each other learn & listen for a more inclusive tomorrow. #blacklivesmatter


Why we 🖤 Joyce (@_joyofmylife)

We met Joyce when we first launched back in Feb 2019 at our first pop up shop hosted by @thePhluidProject, a gender-free boutique in NYC. She and her sister walked in and instantly brought a positive energy to the entire place. Her zest for life, love for fashion and beauty, and overall kind spirit is infectious. From there, we made a bond that has kept us connected at events such as Afropunk Brooklyn 2019 festival. She is a Street Rose at heart and we are so honored to have had her partnership throughout the years. We couldn't think of a better, more positive person to help us expand our series to include both selfcare & life lessons to help us all grow.




✰ Age: 23

✰ Hometown: Staten Island, NY

✰ Place you call home now: Staten Island, NY


What would you like to educate people on during this time of listening and learning for real change?

Yes, this might seem escalated and a little bit new to you, but this has been happening for a long time to Black people. Black people have been dealing with racism in so many shapes and forms and this is the worst of it because our lives are on the line. No matter if we are a child playing with our friends, jogging on our morning run, driving in our car, or any other mundane activity, we’re always seen as a threat or less than just because we have darker skin. It might be hard to grasp if you don’t experience this daily, but recognize the privilege that you have because you’ve never been subjected to it. 


What are some of your favorite black owned businesses you want anyone to discover? 

I love makeup and skincare so my favorite Black owned businesses in that category are Mented Cosmetics, The Lip Bar, Propa Beauty and ROSEN Skincare



What are some of your fave products from these black owned beauty brands?

From Mented, I love their nude lipsticks (like Dope Taupe), their foundation stick and their bronzer! From Rosen, I love their Earth Cleanser, Moonlight Moisturizer and their Rose Water Face Dew! And lastly I love my “Heartbreaker” lip gloss from The Lip Bar.

(Lil' Secret - At Graffiti Skincare, we have a major beauty crush on Mented. We met the team at Afropunk Brooklyn 2019 and have been so inspired by their journey and their great range of products.)

What black influencers & content creators should we start following today?

There are sooo many! Some of the larger ones I like are @jackieaina, @kiitana and @alissa.ashley. But also micro ones like @pamylacummings, @arielandapparel, @melaninbanc, @marfarlane, @jasmineairdelle, @hairaconda, and @monroesteele to name a few!


What would you recommend for selfcare during such stressful times?

I’ve been slacking since being in quarantine but I definitely feel much better after doing a full skincare routine and then getting into my bed to watch another episode of Love Island! The Graffiti Skincare masks have been the best for me because I’ve been lazy. You can pop one on for 5 minutes, put on a moisturizer and get right back into bed lol.


 How do you stay positive during this time of injustice towards your fellow brothers & sisters?

I’ve been loving how others have been uplifting us in this time of seemingly darkness. Being able to share and see successes and accomplishments of my fellow Black counterparts has not only been inspiring, but also just puts a warm feeling in your heart. We have dreams too and it’s cool to see others getting closer to what they want to achieve for themselves.


How can we help or continue to show our support towards black lives matter?

Speak up about it! Use your privilege for good. Sign the petitions and if you’re financially able, contribute to causes related to the movement. March alongside us for what is right. Unfortunately nothing will change if we only do this alone, we can benefit from others who have more privilege because of the society we live in, to support us in this fight for full equality.


Would you be comfortable sharing a story that showcases the subtlety of racism? How it made you feel? 

Yea of course! There have definitely been times where racism occurred where it wasn’t so blatantly obvious but because I’m Black I realized it as such. For example, being followed around in a store for the sole reason of being Black. Anytime this has happened to me, it immediately made me feel uncomfortable because the store clerk would only be doing it because I’m Black and they have the perceived notion that Black people are more likely to steal. Most of the time, those incidents persuaded me never to patronize those stores again, so it was really a loss for them.


Are there organizations you want to spotlight for people to donate or give their time volunteering to help the cause?

I’ve learned about so many organizations to support through this movement being shared all over social media. There are funds in certain states to bail out protestors who were wrongly arrested. Of course there are funds for the cases of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. And then there are also funds like the Black Visions Collective and Reclaim the Block!


How are you involved now in the BLM movement? This isn’t something new and has always been an issue, so what have you done in the past to change minds as well?

Currently during this pandemic, I’ve been creating awareness via my platform by sharing ways to help and places to donate, while also being transparent about how I’ve been feeling with the movement that is happening. I also always try to help younger Black students by mentoring them in terms of their career paths and networking. In the past when similar topics have come up when discussing with my non-Black counterparts, I’ve always given my opinion and educated others on things they might not have been aware of. 

What advice do you give to families trying to teach their children about racism?

I would definitely encourage parents to teach their children Black history that isn’t being taught in the school system. Yes they are taught about the civil rights movement and sometimes even about the Harlem Renaissance, but there are so many other pieces of history that are overlooked by history textbooks. Personally, there is so much that I’ve learned on my own about what Black people have contributed to society, that I wouldn’t have known except for the fact that my family took it upon themselves to teach me.

Personally I’m a visual learner so I love watching videos and seeing examples and photos of events that happened in history. YouTube has always been a good resource for me to at least start somewhere and then when I want more information about a specific subject, I’ll start to research on my own and I’ll usually end down a rabbit hole. Khan Academy has some great resources! 

To learn more and keep up with Joyce, you can follow her at @_joyofmylife!

Check out Joyce's BLM resources: 

Khan Academy: Learn About Black History & Polotics

Black Visions Collective

Reclaim the Block

George Floyd Fund

Breonna Taylor Fund

Ahmaud Arbery Fund 


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