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Skincare Real Talk (Issue # 3)

by Sheila Patel |

At Graffiti Collective, we make vegan skincare that works hard so you don't have to. The "Collective" part of Graffiti Collective represents a community that brings people together around a common goal of feelin’ good and learning about self-care from each other.

Our Skincare Real Talk series profiles real people (some side hustle as beauty influencers) that have been teaching me a thing or two (or 20) about skincare over the last year. They try a ton of products, have amazing skin and are passionate about spreading good skincare and self-care vibes out into the universe. 

Why we 🖤 Emily (

We met Emily last summer by chance. Who introduced us? Instagram of course. We were both drawn to each other by sharing a similar ethos. Living clean, living well, geeking out on product and enjoying the creativity and freedom that comes with selfcare, if you let it.

This woman knows her clean beauty skincare ya'll. So for this month's real-talk, I wanted to take you on a journey through her skincare routine. There are so many goodies she includes in her selfcare routine, I had to include them for you!

What are your skincare product go-to's?

I start with a cleanser. My favorites are:

Elemis Super Food Facial Cleanser - gentle, efficient and smells fantastic!

Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Cleansers - gentle staple that leaves my skin feeling healthy & fresh

Farmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Cleanser - helps skin lock in the moisture

After I cleanse, I use one of these toners:

Youth to the People Adaptogen Mist - a spritz preps my skin 

Loli Beauty Cornflower Water - a wonderfully hydrating water that protects against environmental stressors

Loli Beauty Chamomile Water - just a little bit of this stuff preps & hydrates my skin


After my toner (or sometimes before my toner):

A clay mask like Graffiti Collective's Street Rose - this one is a great clay mask that smells like beautiful rose. Super gentle!

Then, I do a serum/moisturizer combo:

✰ Dr. Jart Cicapair Calming Gel Cream - My skin has been sooo clear & hydrated with this

 Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief - Keeps me smooth & hydrated for long periods of time. I don't ever want to be without a bottle of this!

✰ Allies of Skin Peptides & Daily Firming Treatment - Blended in my moisturizer



I combine those three with a moisturizer (I use a whole bunch!):

Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk - I'm a huge fan of their products & mission

Good Molecules Silicone-free Moisturizer - Thick but lightweight & helps to deeply hydrate

After moisturizer/serums set in, these are the 5 products I reach for CONSISTENTLY:

Dewy & Bae Raw Glow - Super lightweight oil hydration

Loli Beauty Plum Elixir - A staple. Versatile, hydrating - I need a lifetime supply!

Earth Harbor Marina - Super calming blue tansy oil

LXMI 33 Facial Oil - Uber luxe skin treatment to soothe, protect & moisturize

SJO Skin Happy Honey oil - Honey is the key ingredient!


After that, I do SPF!

Farmacy Beauty Green Defense - My skin loves their brand & commitment to sustainability & the environment

Krave Beauty Beet Shield - Gentle sun protection


What's your advice for taking care of your skin?

Consistency and care! Take time to be consistent and pay attention to how your skin behaves. Be consistent in using skincare that works for you, be it a large routine or a few items; learn your skin and react accordingly. Eat well, sleep well, and drink lots of fluids to keep skin healthy from the inside - and have fun!

(Emily always has some fun with the GC face masks):

Being a skincare lover, we also had to ask what other goodies she uses to up her skincare game:

I love skincare tools; guasha and rollers. Love the jade eye depuffing tool from Mount Lai!

And the question that has just become part of our new normal - how is quarantine going for you? How are you staying positive?

Quarantine for me is going as well as it could given the circumstances! It's important to keep a daily routine all around despite being thrown off balance. This will help BIG TIME.

Also, it's ok to have good days and bad days and be lazy. Not every day needs to be an epiphany. Take each day, one at a time, and do the best you can. This isn't a contest. Keep a daily routine and keep a daily self care routine. You'll have something to look forward to each day that makes you feel good.

Also listening to music daily helps too! "Chill out" radio on Pandora! Keeps me "going with the flow" of things!



Be sure to check out her page to see even more of her fave skincare picks & beautiful photography. 

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