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Skincare Real Talk (Issue #2)

by Sheila Patel |

At Graffiti Collective, we make vegan skincare that works hard so you don't have to. The "Collective" part of Graffiti Collective represents a community that brings people together around a common goal of feelin’ good and learning about self-care from each other.

Our Skincare Real Talk series profiles real people (some side hustle as beauty influencers) that have been teaching me a thing or two (or 20) about skincare over the last year. They try a ton of products, have amazing skin and are passionate about spreading good skincare and self-care vibes out into the universe. 

Why we 🖤 Courtney Garza (@colormecoutrney_)

We met Courtney in February 2019 at the opening of the Canvas Dallas hotel in Dallas, TX. Her energy was infectious. She lives her vegan life in high-def and I was instantly inspired. She has been a part of The Collective ever since, even leading our rooftop Facials and Flow program for us at the Canvas Dallas hotel.  She is a sweet southern hustler that's always teaching us about new vegan markets, brands, and foods to check out too. Courtney's skin is beautiful, her vegan life is inspiring and her hair keeps me coming back to check out her Instagram all the time :) So, when we asked to spotlight her on our blog, I couldn't wait to share her skincare and plant-based life tips to incorporate into your at-home selfcare. Enjoy!

What vegan skincare products do you use on the reg?

My go-to skincare is the @derma.e face wash and I love the Day & Night moisturizer by @Pacificabeauty.

Which GC Face Masks do you enjoy and how often do you include them in your routine?

I LOVE Clean Slate and Hustle & Glow the most! I use Clean Slate about once a week and Hustle & Glow about 3 times a week.



What are your go-to vegan meals, snacks, etc.?


My go-to vegan meals that I make at home are veggie-loaded curries with air-fried tofu and lots of smoothie bowls with granola! 🙌🏻 I also love loaded sweet potatoes! I usually like to stuff them with sautéed kale/spinach and maybe some chickpeas and tahini and hot sauce!


As far as snacks go, I’m OBSESSED with popcorn. My all time favorite is Boom Chica Pop’s lightly sweet kettle corn. I also have sliced apples with protein powder and/or almond butter as a solid snack. 👌🏻

What advice would you give someone thinking about plant-based life? 

The advice I would give someone looking to go vegan is to not think of it as “all or nothing”. That’s not how I went into it and it’s certainly not the easy/reasonable way to go into any new lifestyle/diet. It’s all about baby steps. You’ve got to be easy on yourself and make small changes where it makes sense. For example, it took me about 6 years to fully go vegan from when I decided I wanted to be vegetarian at age 13. First, it was red meat I cut out, then pork, then chicken, then fish. When I went to college was when I finally cut our diary. So if you’re able/compelled to, then sure, do it all at once, but if you find you’re sliding back, then that’s fine. Take your time! 😌


What are you doing to stay positive and continue your selfcare now that you are at home quarantining?

I make sure to do yoga every morning + a daily walk + stay in touch with my friends and family & watch fun, upbeat movies and shows to keep me laughing, like 30 Rock and Spice World!

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