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Most People Think Masking is Extra. We don’t.

by Sheila Patel |

Graffiti Collective is a new skincare company that launched with four masks, saving all other skincare products for launches down the line. Here, we get into our deep love for masking, and share why ours are the best in the biz. 

Why we ❤️ masking.

In a world when it seems we are always late for something, masking can seem super extra, but we are on a mission to change that.  If you make masks with the best blend of plants and safe science and are willing to pour those ingredients into your formulas generously, masks can be the best clean your pores could ever get—and the perfect way for your skin to soak up the best ingredients.  They can bring your face back to life instantly and deliver a wow unlike any other product.


The problem with most face masks


There are a million face masks out there, but they all seem to be, at best, clumpy and messy, requiring at least 20 minutes. At worst, they burn your face while trying to deep-clean it.  So we hit the lab to make it right. (read more on lab nerdiness)



What makes a great face mask?

✨ Smooth Texture. It has to be cool, soft and creamy. It has to paint on easy and then stay put—allowing you to talk and go about your business. Then, it has to wash off fast. Achieving a smooth texture requires patience and a willingness to let the ingredients blend slowly together into a rich cream. Each of our masks takes longer to make than the industry standard, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We start with moisture and work in each ingredient across three different kettles, mixing throughout the day to produce our small batch for each mask. 

✨ Quality Ingredients. We choose the best ingredients and use them at active levels, even though it costs more. Most companies will use just a little of the good stuff and then dilute it with water or alcohol. If something costs $7.99, there’s a reason. If you invest in your ingredients, they deliver results. We know which ingredients really work, and we are generous with them in each formula, allowing them to actually treat your face and help it stay clean, even, hydrated and glowy. Of course, we leave out parabens and other junk.

✨ Short Working Time. People think masking is extra because most masks just. Take. So. Long. Ours do their thing in 5 or 10 minutes because we’ve gone through the trouble and expense to formulate using handpicked ingredients at active levels. We cut the time in half (at least) simply by using ingredients we believe in and not skimping on them.

✨ Quality Packaging. We think about package design as art, and what better way to create art than with artists? Every box supports an emerging artist by showcasing their work. Our packaging is made to be reused and enjoyed long after your mask runs out. If the box doesn’t make the cut in your latest Marie Kondo purge, know that it’s 100% recyclable.

At Graffiti Collective our mission to add swag to your skincare, and break the sea of white creams while we do it. We recommend starting with our Mixtape mini sampler pack or diving right into our hardworking bestseller Street Rose face mask. Enjoy!

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