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Skincare Real Talk (Issue #1)

by Sheila Patel |

Graffiti Collective is a vegan skincare brand made for all faces. That means your skincare needs are at the center of my formulation strategy. The Collective is a community that brings together people around a common goal of feelin’ good and learning about self-care from each other. I am making it my mission to break the sea of white creams, get rid of skincare guilt, and make skincare feel like easy, effective selfcare. Meditate on that for a minute!

 To kick off our new Skincare Real Talk series, we are profiling real people (some side hustle as beauty influencers) that have been teaching me a thing or two (or 20) about skincare over the last year. They try a ton of products, have amazing skin and are passionate about spreading good skincare and self-care vibes out into the universe. 

Why we 🖤 "The Guy with Glowy Skin"

We met Drew on Instagram and were instantly drawn to his authentic, creative and positive vibe. His insta is dedicated to giving people honest product reviews to help them make a more informed purchase decision and feel good about the skin they are in. He’s always honest (good or bad). He joined the collective in 2020 and we are so lucky to know him!


"My skin is already somewhat sensitive and sometimes super dry, which is why I love Graffiti Collective Hustle & Glow so much 'cause it leaves my skin feeling extra hydrated and GLOWY.


Facial mists have become one of my favorite skincare items. I slip them in my bag and whip it out and mist away when I need an instant pick me up! I love that cool- refreshing feeling. Rosewater, Glow Recipe Watermelon Mist and Evian are some of my faves.

SPF has played a major part in decreasing the amount of sunspots and melasma on my skin. Without SPF, I’m sure I’d crumble and fall apart. Mario Bedescu Moisture Magnet is definitely a daily go to for me.”



"My advice on taking care of your skin is to have fun, try new things and find what works for you. It took me years to be comfortable in my skin. It evolves just like the times. Sometimes it doesn’t cooperate just like life and it has many ups and downs but you have to roll with the punches. Just as with your skin. If you simply nourish your skin with good products, love and care, everything will be alright."

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