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How to Clear your skin...One Mask at a Time

by Sheila Patel |


Is clear skin always on your mind?

Finding it tough to stick to a skincare routine?

Hate the dry skin feeling after using aggressive acne products?


Street Rose Smoothing Face Mask provides both instant and long term relief to reduce redness, acne scars, even your skin tone, and clear your skin...all in just 5 minutes a day! 



Before we tell you how to use's a little about the ingredients that make this formula great!


Street Rose is the first mask I created for Graffiti Collective. This formula was built around the gentle yet powerful might of Kaolin Clay, a natural detoxifier and exfoliator that soothes rashes, irritation, keeps oiliness under control and tones your skin.

I can't say enough about how I love this ingredient. Compared to other clays, Kaolin doesn't dry out your skin that's why I use it in all of my clay masks - but it's at it's highest percentage in Street Rose Smoothing Face mask. It has the power to make your skin softer, brighter and overall healthier.

To battle dark spots, acne scars and soothe skin, we paired the kaolin clay with Vitamin E, Allantoin, and Oat Protein. These three work together to reduce spots, reduce redness and heals irritated skin.

To make this formula non-drying, we enriched this formula with Shea & plant based Zemea by mixing it separately and then slow spinning it over several hours into the kaolin clay mixture. Seems extra, but the result is a clay mask that won't dry you out! And, because of this, it allows you to keep working on your skin multiple times a week without drying it out...totally worth the slower production process!


A Street Rose Story from a loyal customer


MEET LEXI (Atlanta, GA) - A young professional out of Atlanta that has been constantly battling acne, acne scars and redness. She is a loyal Street Rose Face Mask customer. We decided to sit down with her and share her incredibly honest story about her skincare concerns and how Street Rose helps keep her skin in check.


Keeping up with routines is not one of my strengths so masks are my preferred products. Most masks I’ve used in the past dry out my skin (even if I see results in clearing some acne, I have flaky spots and redness). My skin is on the sensitive side and I've never had an issue with irritation using any of Graffiti’s products.
I use Street Rose 2 times a week. If I'm having a rough skin week, I may use Street Rose more often or even as a spot treatment. It works to calm down my skin, heal trouble spots and reduce existing scarring all while hydrating.
Immediate Results
The immediate changes were lessened redness and breakouts, and quicker healing time. I noticed changes in my skin pretty quickly. 
After about 6 weeks
I had a lot of scarring from years of anxiously picking at my skin but within 6-8 weeks of consistent use a lot of the scarring was nearly gone. It may seem like a while but there were improvements every week.
Also, as I said, I’m horrible with routines. At first, I could have been more consistent with use and probably seen better results at the beginning. Now, combining not picking at spots AND using street rose - my skin is clear and heals nicely.

I had a really hard time feeling professional and confident in my job. It was my first time in a corporate environment so presentations and meeting new people was already anxiety inducing. I always felt like people were judging me or staring at my skin while I spoke. That’s not to say people should feel that way if they have acne or spots on their skin!! It’s just what I was going through. I feel much better talking to people now.


" I don’t try and hide my face with my hair or hats and I can be confident in my skin!"


 There is a noticeable difference when I don't use street rose. I’ll have more breakouts and redness overall. Now any breakouts or spots I have are minor and less severe. I used to have painful spots all over my face but that rarely happens now.


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