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GIRLFRIENDS GIFT GUIDE: Holiday Gifts For Your Crew

by Sheila Patel |

  • Want to buy your crew unique personalized gifts they would never buy themselves?
  • Think giftcards are too impersonal?
  • Dreading your next White Elephant or Secret Santa party?

It’s that time of year, where we have every intention of scouting dope, super thoughtful gifts for every friend, but always run out of time. Then we scramble and either a) spend more than we intended or b) get the lame giftcard because at least it’s something.

There’s a simple way to up your gift game—FAST. Buy a starter pack! There’s so much cool stuff out there, and a starter pack is a great way to introduce a new brand to someone. People are creatures of habit, and they don’t venture out to try new things unless someone gives them a nudge. A sampler kit is great for one person, or—and here’s the hack—you can break apart the pack and hand out gifts to your crew at a holiday dinner, or use the split-up items as stocking stuffers, or you could buy a few starter packs and mix and match to make truly personalized gifts for friends.

Below are our favorite starter packs, including (shameless plug) our own! 

Text by Graffiti Collective Founder Sheila Patel

Dirt Cobain “Addicted to Life” Candle 5-Pack ($150 $190; individual candle $38)

Dirt Cobain is a New York City-based street artist, influenced by graffiti and pop art, and his work can be seen all over NYC, as well as in LA, Miami, and Denver. Dirt Cobain is mostly known for his controversial “pill bottle” images. Often mistaken for a drug reference, the pill bottle is intended to be a representation of anything you can’t stop doing that gives you a natural high, whether it be love, music or art.

We love that these candles are funny, smell great, and can be divided among all the personalities in your crew.


Happy Socks Rolling Stones 3 Pack ($48)

Happy Socks patterns are so fun, it was hard to choose between the dogs, cats, fruit, etc. But you can’t go wrong with The Stones—talk about putting some swag in your step.


Olfactory NYC Rollerball Trio ($48)

We have been following this brand since it launched! I know some of the perfumers from my past life in fragrance, and can vouch for the quality of every BEAUTIFUL scent. The trio can be layered together or worn separately. For something extra special, you can personalize a perfume: choose the scent and packaging color, and name your perfume, for the very decent price of $78.


Drink Babe Party Box ($50)

Ditch the traditional Secret Santa gift, and give a party in a box instead. Say cheers and drink some rosé and pinot grigio together, in the adorable cups and straws, plus a hat, tote and koozie to take home. This is a White Elephant gift you know won’t go to waste!


We the Birds Box of Macarons (from $20)

I met one of the founders of this gorgeous and delicious bespoke macaron company in Dallas earlier this year. I am obsessed! Each cookie is a work of art. A tray makes the most beautiful gift for your person. Or you break them out of the box and share with your whole crew at a holiday gathering. They come in packs of 6, 12, or 24, and you can even add your logo or name. Shown here is their random assortment box, filled with the flavors they have in their Dallas shop that day!



Graffiti Collective Mixtape Mini Mask Set ($20)

Shameless plug time! 

I loved getting mixtapes as a kid. Of course, mine always included the song “Oh, Sheila.” (Yes, I am that old! If you don’t know the song, look it up. You’ll be glad you did.) So when it came time to make a mask set, I didn’t want a traditional beauty set: That didn’t seem fun or inspired.

So we created a four-mask set that blurs art, beauty, and music. Check out the AR on every box—first of its kind!—and listen to the mask beats, yours to download any time. 

Buy 1 Mixtape for $20 (4 mini masks included), 2 Mixtapes for $30, or 5 Mixtapes for $75—that’s 20 mini masks!

Happy Holidays! Here’s to upping your gift game—your crew will thank you for it!



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