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Don’t Hate, Exfoliate. Just not everyday

by Sheila Patel |


So, it’s Thursday night (my favorite night) and what started out as a happy hour has ended in me waking up Friday morning in last night’s clothes (including my Spanx). L’Oréal Double extend mascara dried on my lashes and my makeup still on my face.  Listen, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, my only savior is Graffiti Collective Pure Grit.   

Regardless of the random Thursday happy hour turned late night karaoke & Kati Rolls, I use Pure Grit about once a week.  It’s gentle exfoliation with major game. A mask that’s a 3-in-1 treatment and as blue as the wall I just passed in First Green Park on the lower east side.  

First, it gets the dirt out with Bentonite clay.  I mean this natural clay is hard-working so be ready!  Second & Third, it has two ways to gently exfoliate - think peel & scrub.  It took me about 15 months to make this formula. We were able to infuse a natural fruit peel with Papaya Enzyme and gentle exfoliation with finely ground walnut shells (which took about 6 rounds before we found the perfect size). I don’t believe in scratching your face to clean what’s great is that the clay and papaya work while the mask sets.  Then, when you wash off the mask the walnut shells remove the dead skin cells. No rubbing it all over your face, just paint it on and wait 5 minutes. Then, gently wipe or wash. I love it because my face feels like butter every time. 




Honestly, exfoliation is wonderful and can be kind-of addicting...that smooth clean feeling is amazing.  But, you need to be careful with those little scrubbies. Whatever your exfoliation go-to is...even if it’s something as gentle as Pure Grit, 1 or 2 two times a week is all you need.  That’s my opinion and my more on what your perfect amount of exfoliation here! Don’t hate, exfoliate (just not everyday.)



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