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Practice Self-Care in 5 Minutes

by Sheila Patel |

Self-care doesn’t have to mean a spa day, or a long bath replete with candles and wine and classical music. For someone who lives life nonstop—working moms, I see you; hustling twenty-somethings, you too—self-care often comes down to finding five free minutes to feel like a human. But once you are in those five minutes, what do you do? If you feel overwhelmed with choice, or think that five minutes can’t be enough time to relax, raise your hand. Self-care, we’ve learned, can mean five minutes of breathing, or laughter. And yes, of course, our five-minute face masks qualify!
For me, between running this business, keeping up with two 8-year-olds, trying to catch the occasional art show and teaching in Brooklyn—oh yeah, and chilling with my husband and friends—I have found a few things that turn five minutes into me time. Here are some of my faves.

Five-Minute Guided Meditation 

Yes, Jimmy Fallon did a two-minute meditation on The Tonight Show, but five minutes of meditation seems to be the sweet spot for clearing out your mind and breathing with purpose. It’s a great way to center and reconnect yourself and research shows it can be as effective a refresh as taking a walk. I started with this exact meditation a couple of years ago, and eventually downloaded the app for longer guided meditations. It's free to try, so go ahead and give yourself five minutes.


5 Minute Healthy Meal (Fresh Quinoa Salad) -

Whether it's for lunch or dinner, this little gem was given to me by my friend, yoga instructor, and nutrition guru Hillary Irwin. She and I share a love for plant-based meals, and she sent me this one recently, knowing I wanted something healthy, filling and tasty. If you don't have quinoa in the fridge already, this recipe takes 15 minutes. This recipe saved a recent Monday night dinner. My kids took multiple helpings, too. It’s important to find quick ways to eat and stay healthy.

Five-Minute Vegan Face Mask 

Graffiti Collective has three! Our clay masks are made to work hard and give you results in five minutes. Each mask serves a different need, so pick your five-minute fix right here.

Street Rose Smoothing Face Mask: This mask softens and brightens, reduces redness and smoothes out minor breakouts. It leaves your pores super clean and is built with plant-based moisturizers shea and zemea so your face won't feel dry once you’re done.

Pure Grit Exfoliating Face Mask: This mask is a 3-in-1 facial that's done in five minutes! First the bentonite clay works hard to clean out oil and dirt from your pores. Then the papaya enzyme provides your face with a natural fruit peel, dissolving skin cells as it works. Finally, when you wipe or wash off your face, the finely ground walnut shells gently remove dead skin to reset your skin. 

Clean Slate Purifying Face Mask: This is our most refreshing clay mask. It has a combination of kaolin and bentonite clay to clean out pores and remove impurities and is also loaded with peppermint oil and aloe-infused water. These literally wake up your face in five minutes. It's perfect for a quick clean after a workout or for a tired face in the morning before work.

 Five Minutes of Laughter 

I have been following Lilly Singh on YouTube forever.  And now that she is on A Little Late with Lilly Singh, she is breaking glass ceilings and making me laugh while she does it. All of her videos (including the on-topic Expectations vs. Reality Selfcare, complete with elbow massage) are the perfect five-minute pick-me-ups, and as a fellow South Asian American, her family videos always hit home for me.


Five Minutes of Fashion Don’ts

This is a group of funny people dissecting celebs’ questionable fashion choices in the tradition of Joan Rivers but way less annoying (in my opinion). I find this show hilarious. I tap through it to see what people are wearing and doing. It’s a great little phone break and keeps oldies like me in the know—lol.

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